How to Spend Easter In Cambridge

How to Spend Easter In Cambridge

How to Spend Easter In Cambridge

We have talked previously about the many amazing things to do in Cambridge at Christmas time but did you know Easter in the city is just as fun?

Easter is a special time, whether you are a child or an adult, and finding fun things to do is just part of the magic.

It can be a bit stressful as a parent if an Easter egg hunt is expected, as @simoncholland attests to with his tweet saying, ”Still waiting for this toddler to find the Easter Eggs that are literally sitting in the grass right in front of them.” So, why not spend Easter in Cambridge this year?

With lockdown easing, there is a small chance there may be some semblance to normal Easter activities in the city this year, but this depends on the roadmap out of lockdown.

It is unlikely we will see many business-orientated Easter activities this year with non-essential retail, zoos and theme parks not opening until the 12th of April at least. However, that does mean you can’t participate in some fun Easter-themed activities.


Easter Egg Hunt

With outdoor gatherings of either six people or two households allowed just before Easter, from the 29th of March, an Easter egg hunt may be just the ticket. This would enable kids to catch up with a friend or two and look for eggs – there are plenty of wonderful hiding places you can use in the city.

You could even stay at home in one of our mid-term accommodation properties if being outside is not for you right now. Our properties have plenty of space with plenty of places to hide some eggs for your children.

Easter flowers

Visit Local Green Spaces

Easter bank holiday weekend has always seen the population flocking to green spaces such as parks and commons and while we will still be under some restrictions, this is a great idea if only meeting with the proposed number of people.

An Easter-themed picnic would be a wonderful choice or even an old school egg and spoon race – something that is always fun even if there are not any children in the group.

There are a few beautiful parks to visit such as Lammas Land, Christ’s Pieces or Cherry Hinton Hall Park.


Check Out the Local Garden Centres

Having remained open throughout lockdown, the local garden centres are a brilliant place to check out at Easter time.

They may not be doing the usual level of Easter activities, if any at all due to restrictions, so do your research before visiting.


Enjoy Easter Lunch from One of Cambridge’s Eateries

Whilst we won’t see the reopening of even outdoor dining in Cambridge until the 12th of April, there are plenty of eateries that have been offering takeaway or collection throughout the lockdown.

Take advantage of their Easter offerings and enjoy indoors in one of our properties or out in the green spaces the city has to offer.

If you would like to check out one of our properties for yourself, please get in touch with us. We have a variety of accommodation offers that may take your interest. Call us on 01223 423334, or email us at to find out more.