Romantic Things to Do in Cambridge

Romantic Things to Do in Cambridge

Romantic Things to Do in Cambridge

From first dates to wedding anniversaries, whatever the reason for your need to up the romance ante, Cambridge can cater for your special celebration.

Many people are surprised by the numerous places that there are in Cambridge that offer the possibility for romantic liaisons. That might well be a consequence of Cambridge’s reputation for being an ancient university city. It conjures up images of a Hogwarts-style setting, in which dry and dusty academics scribble away 24-7 in overstocked libraries.

While Cambridge does have skin in that game, it can also toss its hat in the ring in terms of offering plenty of places for romantic encounters.

Below we explore Checked Inn HQ’s favourite romantic things to do in Cambridge. You are about to be spoilt for choice.

Read on to get your romance on.

Whether you are on your first date or you are celebrating a wedding anniversary, these places are all perfect for a romantic date, just the two of you.

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1. Fitzwilliam Museum 

This place is a must if your other half is a history lover, and even if neither of you are into history, you should still visit the Fitzwilliam. So impressive is the collection that the Fitzwilliam was named ‘the East of England’s most popular free attraction’. “From antiquity to the present day, the Fitzwilliam houses a world-renowned collection of over half a million beautiful works of art, masterpiece paintings and historical artefacts”. What’s more, entry is free!


2. Punting along the River Cam

It’s one of the most easily identifiable Cambridge activities, but there’s a good reason why so many people flock to the River Cam to go punting every year. Punting (whether you are enjoying the ride or driving the punt) is great fun and can be made into a very romantic excursion by simply bringing along the right sort of nibbles. A bottle of bubbles, some strawberries, baguette and cheese or pate will soon make this a date or anniversary celebration to remember!


3. Hire a tandem bike and cycle around Cambridge

If you’re both keen cyclists, then riding a tandem bike around Cambridge is the perfect activity to do on your date or your weekend away in the city. You’ll whizz past impressive architecture, glorious buildings and fascinating sites of significant historical interest.


4. Smell the flowers at The Botanic Gardens 

Cambridge University Botanic Gardens make a great day out any time of year, for any occasion. You’ll see incredible plants, like The Moonflower, which is a rare cactus from the Amazon rainforest as well as numerous other rare and unusual plants.


5. Sample the delicacies of Cambridge’s food and drink industry

@AboutBritain recommends that “From Romantic Things To Do In #Cambridge – find some of the best food in Cambridge on a food tour”.  And Cambridge has plenty of fabulous restaurants and eateries to delight even the most discerning of palates. Six is one of our absolute favourite restaurants. They cater everything from delicious afternoon teas to mouth-watering Sunday roasts. With views overlooking Cambridge’s spectacular skyline, Six is the place to take the one you love.

Those are just five of Cambridge’s most romantic things to do. As you’ll soon see on your stay in Cambridge, there are plenty of ways to get amorous in our beautiful city. To find out more about living in Cambridge, explore the rest of our site.