Short term rental options - from extended stay hotels to holiday homes and everything in between

Short term rental options - from extended stay hotels to holiday homes and everything in between

Short term rental options – from extended stay hotels to holiday homes and everything in between

Now that we have dates for the gradual lifting of lockdown in England more of us will be able to travel further afield – certainly out with our designated local authority areas.

With uncertainty over whether or not we will be able to travel abroad this summer, service accommodation providers and other business and holiday stay providers here in the UK should be planning for a fully-booked summer ahead.

From April 12 self-contained holiday accommodation, as well as self-catering lets and campsites are allowed to re-open from 12 April.

Hotels and guest houses will have to wait a little longer – until 17 May, at the earliest.

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Decisions and delays over foreign travel imminent

Even if we are allowed to travel abroad after May 17 (when Transport Secretary Grant Shapps is due to make a decision on the reopening of borders), we’ll need a holiday just to survive the complexities surrounding the departure.

For instance, it’s possible vaccine certificates may need to be shown to verify inoculations. Then testing will have to be carried out pre-boarding for both journeys.

A review into the matter is due to report on April 12 when we will at least have an inkling into possible travel overseas this summer.

In the meantime, many Staycation websites are reporting as much as a 100 per cent increase in bookings for this year.

Popular locations are Cornwall, Devon, and Cumbria. For many such businesses, it can’t come soon enough.

Malcolm Bell, chief executive of tourism authority Visit Cornwall said: “We are looking at a boom year, with a combination of postponed bookings from 2020 and early bookings for this summer.

For some accommodation businesses, reservations are currently over 100 per cent up year-on-year; that doesn’t mean that they’re full, just that they’re far ahead of where they would usually be.”

The serviced accommodation sector is particularly placed for get-togethers with friends and families this year. That’s because the apartments are actually self-contained flats.

Unlike hotel rooms and B&Bs, it is possible to have a small party in your booked serviced accommodation apartment.

Most contain modern gadgets and appliances for cooking, while there are Smart TVs and super-fast wi-fi to keep your guests amused as you prepare.

You can also book for a long weekend, a week’s holiday, a fortnight or even a month. Because you can all ‘chip in’ with the payment, it works out at a fraction of the cost you would spend in a hotel or guest house.

And that’s more money you can spend on spa visits, day trips and other ways to treat yourself on holiday.

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