Moving Between Moves: Top Tips for Finding Short Term Housing

Moving Between Moves: Top Tips for Finding Short Term Housing

Moving Between Moves: Top Tips for Finding Short Term Housing

Looking for a short-term rental because although you’ve managed to sell your flat, you’re still waiting to find your ideal property?

Don’t worry, there are a surprising number of options for you out there right now. In the meantime, you may want to write yourself a checklist of how to prepare for that short-term move. Here are a few ideas:


Check out what’s available

From Airbnb apartments to corporate accommodation and sub-letting, there are several ways to get a short-term roof over your head. Simply get started on Google by referencing ‘short term accommodation.

In terms of cost, the longer you want to rent for, the less expensive the accommodation will be – so go for a couple of extra months more than you think it’ll take to tide yourself over – just in case.

No-one likes to feel pressured and buying a property is such a big move, it’s best to get it right from the start.


Don’t forget about the dog!

If you have pets then it might be an idea to put in the words ‘pet friendly’ prior to typing short term accommodation into Google.

That will save you an awful lot of time checking out individual sites to see if you can bring your hound or feline with you.

You’ll probably be OK with a hamster, mouse, or bearded dragon, right enough. If you can’t find anywhere, could a friend take him or her in the meantime until you get your own place?

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Sort out storage

You will no doubt have accumulated a lot of possessions while living in your flat. Even if you were just renting before, it’s still amazing how much we can accumulate over a couple of years.

The easiest way to deal with household items, such as furniture, vases, picture frames, and rugs is to put them all in storage until you can start displaying them once more.

 If you don’t want to pay for the storage you could always ask family or friends if you could store some stuff at their homes. Just don’t fall out with them in the meantime… Then again, do you really need half that stuff?

Oliver James, psychologist and author of Affluenza, claims our identity has increasingly become associated with products, not just the mortgage or car, but smaller items too. “We’ve confused who we are with what we have,” he says.


Get the costs straight

The rental may be a particular price, but what about the add-ons? Remember to ask if you have to pay for utilities, parking, property maintenance, cleaning, and other costs during your stay.

Is the council tax included? In HMOs, it is, so it’s always worth asking.


Check out other locations 

You may have set your heart on living in a particular area but is it worth it if you have to pay so much for the privilege?

Sometimes it makes more sense settling for somewhere further out than you had originally planned, but which is less expensive and means you can put more money towards the deposit on your new longer-term place.


Get in touch!

Here at Checked-Inn, we provide short-term accommodation in beautiful Cambridge from as little as 12 weeks onwards. That should give you enough time to start looking for your perfect property.

To find out more call us on +44 (0) 1223 423334 or email the team at

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