World Water Day 2021 – A Look at Cambridge’s Lakes and Rivers

World Water Day 2021 – A Look at Cambridge’s Lakes and Rivers

World Water Day 2021 – A Look at Cambridge’s Lakes and Rivers

Water is one of the most important resources we have on the planet – if there was no water, there would be no life. It is second only to air.

Held on the 22nd of March every year since 1993, World Water Day is about what water means to people, its true value and how we can better protect this vital resource.

We need to protect our lakes and rivers as these freshwater ecosystems make so many of our everyday activities possible, from washing our clothes to washing ourselves!

In celebration of World Water Day, here is a look at some of the lakes and rivers in the city.


River Cam

Probably the most famous body of water within the city limits, this river is a must-see. It runs through the heart of Cambridge with fantastic views of some amazing landmarks. To fully take these in, a punting tour is recommended with plenty of companies offering this service.

Sometimes you may even see the rowers from the university on the water – in specific areas of the city, you can see the boathouses of the colleges and observe the rowers, many of whom may go on to compete in the Boat Race. This is often considered an Instagram-worthy spot because of how picturesque it is.

@in__wanderland, when asked to recommend one city in their home country, said ‘Cambridge! The buildings and the bicycles and the river… it’s a beautiful city.’ The River Cam really is a sight to behold.

It is also possible to follow the river if you follow the Fen Rivers Way which takes you on a 48-mile walk from Cambridge to Kings Lynn.


Cherry Hinton Lakes

Often considered a hidden beauty spot in Cambridge, these lakes have seen their visitor numbers grow exponentially in recent years. It is currently let to an Angling club and is only accessible to members but that hasn’t stopped people visiting regardless.

There may be some options in the future to open to the public but that is not the case currently – however several local organisations believe it should be and are working on it.


Venturing Further Afield

If you want to check out more of the rivers and lakes in the area, there are many to be found just outside of the city.


Getting Involved with World Water Day

With Cambridge, especially the University of Cambridge taking a proactive approach to conserving water and reducing water consumption, now could not be a better time to get involved with World Water Day.

Why not get involved in ongoing discussions and utilise the hashtags #Water2Me and #WorldWaterDay on your social media platforms?

If you would like to come and explore the city of Cambridge for yourself and check out the picturesque rivers and lakes the city has to offer, please do not hesitate to get in touch about one of our properties. We provide a flexible and affordable option for mid-term accommodation.

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