Insta-worthy spots to capture around Cambridge

Insta-worthy spots to capture around Cambridge

Insta-worthy spots to capture around Cambridge

As one of the most historic cities in the UK, it’s no surprise that Cambridge is home to some spectacular sights and attractions. From ancient colleges to pretty parks and picturesque streets to unique bridges, the city has an almost endless choice of outstanding photo backdrops. Here are some of our favourites to get you started.


The Mathematical Bridge 

Designed by William Etheridge and built by James Essex the Younger, The Mathematical Bridge dates from the mid-18th century. Made up entirely of straight wooden timbers, the bridge has an incredibly complex design that makes it really stand out in photos.


Portugal Place

As @CambridgeNewsUK says, “Portugal Place links Bridge Street and Jesus Green, and many people think it’s one of the prettiest streets in the city.”

Lined with beautiful historic buildings, the street is home to a number of important addresses, including the Hawks’ Club and the former home of DNA pioneer Sir Francis Crick. As Portugal Place is largely pedestrianized, it’s easy to grab a great snap of the whole road.


Orchard Street 

Orchard Street is another of the prettiest roads in Cambridge. Located between Christ’s Pieces and New Square Park, Orchard Street is lined from top to bottom with stunning period homes.

Take a shot looking straight down the street to give your followers a great view of Cambridge, or take a portrait outside your favourite property.

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College Backs 

The College Backs is one of the most picturesque parts of Cambridge. The Backs is where a number of the city’s most famous colleges meet the River Cam.

Their lawns flow down to the water, creating a beautiful riverside spot. Spend an afternoon lounging on the grass or pack a picnic and enjoy a meal by the water.


Trinity College 

No Instagram story of Cambridge would be complete without a few snaps of the city’s colleges. As one of the most famous, Trinity College is the perfect place to start your photo odyssey. Take your shot in front of the stunning façade or go on a tour of the college.


Punting on the river 

Punting is synonymous with Cambridge, so make sure you get out on the water for that all-important photo opportunity.

Rent a punt and explore the waterway yourself, or hire a guide and let them do the hard work for you.


Botanical gardens 

The Botanical Gardens is a great place to visit in all seasons. In the springtime, the gardens burst into life, while the summer sees native flowers and trees at their very best.

In autumn, many of the plants in the gardens put on a colourful display as their leaves turn yellow, red, and brown. During the winter months, special seasonal displays ensure there’s always something to see.

A fantastic destination for anyone who wants to beef up their Instagram feed, Cambridge has a great choice of varied locations. Find out more, and start your search for a home in the city by exploring our site today.