Celebrating National Science Week

Celebrating National Science Week

Celebrating National Science Week

National Science Week is soon approaching, a ten-day celebration between the 5th and the 14th of March 2021. It is a time for celebrating all things scientific, technological, and more.

You may be wondering just why it is important to celebrate science and how we do so and @BazzaCC on Twitter sums it up perfectly with this tweet, “This is why I love science…….It never ends & always being questioned.”


What is National Science Week?

National Science Week, otherwise known as British Science Week, runs in March every single year.

Schools and universities around the country either tie in their topic focus with the week or run their own ones, with various Cambridge educational institutions getting involved.


Why Celebrate It?

Science is a subject that is becoming increasingly popular and it’s easy to see why with educational institutions, such as Cambridge University, getting involved.

The university plays a key role in the country’s scientific community and they always take part in some way. The area itself has long supported and lauded science with the ever-popular Cambridge Science Festival also happening annually.

It is important to celebrate this week, as it helps get newer generations interested in the topic and honours and showcases some brilliant minds who are making waves in the industry. An example of this would be this interview with Athene Donald, physics professor at Cambridge University.

Cambridge University has made some fantastic progress in terms of science, such as the recent lab-grown mini-bile ducts used to repair human livers, developed by scientists at the university or the steps towards a cure for Parkinson’s disease.

This passion and faith in science makes them an important part of the community and ensures their participation in events celebrating the subject.


How Are Cambridge University Getting Involved?

For 2021, there is a fantastic series of short films showing students experimenting with the elements in a Cambridge University lab.

 These can be found on the British Science Week section on the BBC website and see Cambridge chemist Dr Peter Wothers offering students this fantastic opportunity to get involved with a masterclass.


How Can I Participate?

Events vary – some are held online – while others are held in person. This year, it is unlikely any will be held in person, but this could change with lockdown restrictions slowly being eased.

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