How much help do UK employers offer transient workforce with living arrangements?

How much help do UK employers offer transient workforce with living arrangements?

How much help do UK employers offer transient workforce with living arrangements?

Finding good quality accommodation is one of the most fundamental challenges that transient workers face when moving to a new position. Not only do they have to get to grips with the layout and neighbourhoods of a new city, they also have to navigate the various types of accommodation on offer, manage their budget and find a landlord that’s happy to rent to people on short term contracts.

All too often, employers don’t provide enough guidance when it comes to relocation. Although some will give new employees basic guidance – and some might even go as far as to offer accommodation – a lot of the time, transient workers are left to find their own place to live. If you’re currently considering relocating for work, you probably want to know what help and support are available to you. To help you navigate this important issue, we’re taking a look at how much UK employers do to help their transient workers.


What help is available to transient workers?

The amount of help and support available to workers relocating to, or within, the UK varies significantly from company to company. Often, businesses that regularly recruit workers from overseas, or from other towns and cities, offer welcome packs and guides to help ease the move. Some more ambitious employers might recommend reliable landlords or accommodation companies to their staff while a few companies at the top of their game will go as far as to arrange accommodation for their new workers. Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure you talk to your prospective employer about the support they offer.


Making your company stand out in a competitive jobs market

Attracting talented and ambitious employees is a must for any growing business. Finding the right talent can make the difference between growing a business or having it stagnate, so it’s essential that companies do everything they can to ensure they’re the top pick for high-quality candidates.

If your business is based in a town or city with high living costs, or somewhere where good quality accommodation is hard to find, offering housing as part of your relocation package could make a huge difference to your recruitment strategy. As @raconteur says “If the lack of cheap housing in major cities has become a worry for the millennial workforce, it’s also a significant recruitment problem for companies around the world.” Providing accommodation, or at least putting employees in touch with a recommended company that can arrange accommodation for them, can help your business to side-step this crucial challenge and attract the talent it needs to succeed.

If you, or one of your employees, are currently looking for high quality accommodation in or around the Cambridge area, we can help. Get in touch today to find out more.