Cambridge emerging as one of the top cities for tech companies in the UK

Cambridge emerging as one of the top cities for tech companies in the UK

Cambridge emerging as one of the top cities for tech companies in the UK

Thanks to its world famous university and cutting-edge research institutions, Cambridge has long been at the forefront of innovation and technology. Attracting top talent from around the world, the city is one of the most exciting places to be for tech companies and those who want to push the boundaries of their industry.

The city’s university is one of the best places in the world to study technology. In fact, Cambridge has earned such a strong reputation in the world of tech that it’s been nicknamed ‘Silicon Fen’.

This gives businesses in the area easy access to some of the most talented and innovative professionals out there, something that’s helping to drive the tech industry in the city and turn Cambridge into a real hub for start-ups and other ambitious companies.


Cambridge makes the top 10 emerging tech cities

According to recent research from logistics experts TNT, Cambridge is one of the top ten emerging tech cities in the UK. The study places Cambridge seventh overall in the country, well ahead of larger cities like Birmingham and also ahead of university rivals Oxford. The study looked at a number of factors including the number of existing tech businesses, the number of people employed by those businesses and the average survival rate of new tech companies in the city. It also compared the average cost of Grade-A office space and the current estimated broadband speeds starts ups could expect to enjoy.

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One of the main things that attracts businesses, and professionals, to the city is Cambridge’s reputation for innovation. As @CambNetwork explains “With a constantly evolving technological landscape, it’s clear that the city of Cambridge is quickly becoming an impressive hub for innovators who want to further the tech industry in the region.”

This world-wide reputation for innovation and excellence is helping to attract ever more talented and highly qualified individuals to the region, giving tech companies a fantastic pool of candidates to choose from.


Moving to Cambridge

Although many of the people that work in the Cambridge tech sector are from the city, or have studied at the eponymous university, a large number are attracted to Cambridge from further afield. If you’re considering relocating to Cambridge as part of a career move, you’ll be interested to know that, as well as being home to a thriving tech scene, the city is a fantastic place to live. High-quality accommodation, a vibrant social scene, and a great choice of historic and cultural sights mean that your relocation couldn’t be to a better place.

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