How to save on housing costs in Cambridge

How to save on housing costs in Cambridge

How to save on housing costs in Cambridge

Thanks to its great choice of attractions, excellent employment opportunities and world famous university, Cambridge attracts residents from across the UK and around the world. And while this helps to create a cosmopolitan atmosphere in the city, it can make finding high-quality, affordable housing a challenge.

To help you find your perfect city pad in the heart of Cambridge, we’ve put together a quick guide on how you can save on housing costs in the city. Read on, below.


Property in Cambridge

As @HomesProperty says, “Victorian homes, from large detached houses to small terrace properties, are the main offering.”

However, there are an increasing number of modern, purpose-built developments available in the city, giving you an excellent selection of homes to choose from.


Flat share

One of the easiest ways to save on the cost of housing in Cambridge is to rent a room in a shared property rather than an entire house or flat.

A room in a shared property will probably cost you between £550 and £650 per month, excluding bills. This makes it the most affordable option for people moving to Cambridge on a budget.

If you do decide to rent a room in a shared home, be aware that you’ll probably also have to share your bathroom and kitchen. This can leave sharers without a lot of privacy – a compromise that isn’t for everyone.

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Inclusive rental properties

If you don’t want to share but still want to enjoy great value accommodation in the heart of Cambridge, our inclusive rental properties might just be the perfect solution.

Inclusive rental properties give you the privacy you want in a choice of great locations. What’s more, as your bills are included in the cost of the rent, it’s easy to stick to your budget and keep an eye on your finances.


Avoid the city centre 

Another good way to save money on your accommodation in Cambridge is to look for properties outside the city centre.

Central Cambridge, with all its bars, restaurants and attractions, can be an expensive place to live. If you’re happy to cycle or drive to work or college, or if your job is based outside the city centre, why not look a little further afield?

To help cope with the volume of people moving to Cambridge, the city’s council is building a large number of new homes in the area.

Neighbourhoods to the south of Cambridge in particular are seeing a lot of development with some ambitious new projects on the go. The main negative of moving out of the city centre is that you’ll need to use a car, bus, or bike to get around.

Luckily, with a great choice of bike routes and transport links across the city, getting around shouldn’t be an issue, no matter where you choose to live.

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