How to save money on your staycation

How to save money on your staycation

How to save money on your staycation

Whether you’ve opted to head for Cambridge, Cornwall or Colwyn Bay for your holiday this year – here’s how to enjoy your well-earned holiday in the homeland and come home with plenty of cash left in your pocket:


Get a reduced room

Staying in a hotel, B&B or serviced accommodation? Then check whether to see if there are any discount codes available. You can also look at comparison sites and seek out cashback schemes. If you like pets then why not sign up to a website such as where you get the use of someone’s house when they’re not there, provided you feed and walk the dog or clean the cat’s litter tray etc? You’ll get your accommodation for free. We’ve seen luxury bungalows and even manor houses listed on these sites.


Go off-peak

If you don’t have kids and aren’t a teacher, lecturer or involved in education somehow, then why head off during the busy school holiday summer season? Prices are highest then. It makes sense to hold off a bit for September. The weather may not be as nice, but you’ll get a warm glow thinking about all the money you’ll be saving on your accommodation costs to make up for it.


Use money-off vouchers

Visitor centres, magazines and the family and travel sections of newspapers often offer money-off vouchers to attractions. Often the showgrounds, zoos, sea life worlds, museums, waxworks etc themselves will advertise promotions, such as 2 for 1 entry, so if there is somewhere you’re particularly keen to go then keep an eye out for special offers.

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Cut the cost of travel

Family railcards are great for reducing train costs, especially if you travel off-peak. But if you plan in advance (say two to three months beforehand) then you can get a saver ticket too. UK-wide coach services, such as National Express, are good at offering discounts for advanced bookings too.


Then again…

How about saving money by not going on a Staycation at all? Not advisable, says popular money-saving expert Naomi Willis.

@SkintDad_Naomi says: “Research carried out by Kuoni and psychotherapists have shown that if you get away, you have an upswing in mood and energy levels. When you return from your break you are more relaxed and clearer in your life goals.”

So, there you have it – spend a little money and get a whole new outlook.