An Expert’s Guide to Cambridge’s Best Brunches

An Expert’s Guide to Cambridge’s Best Brunches

An Expert’s Guide to Cambridge’s Best Brunches

Who doesn’t like a bit of brunch following a long lie-in – especially if it’s all been a bit ‘colourful’ the night before?

If breakfast seems too early for you, but lunch seems a long way off then brunch is the ideal way to start the day. So, here are our favourite places in Cambridge to eat at – most of the locations we’ve chosen are independent cafes or restaurants naturally (because that’s where you’ll always get a hold of the quirkiest brunch menus).

Chef Adam Wilkinson, of coffee roasters hot numbers @hotnumbers says: “There’s been an explosion in brunch venues in the past few years. People seem to be enjoying casual dining a lot more now. The perfect brunch I find is interesting… without going over the top.”

The Locker


From popular Clown Café to The Locker, this is another successful brunch spot in Cambridge – amongst students in particular. Here you will find friendly staff, good food and quality over quantity. Also, their prosciutto with brie, rocket and onion chutney panini is fab. So too are the wonderful lamb and Harissa rolls or the lime, courgette and pistachio cake with freshly-brewed coffee (yes, cake for brunch is permissible in our world).

The Old Bicycle Shop


Brunch at the Old Bicycle Shop always contains fresh ingredients. Yes, there’s nothing pre-packed about this place; even the décor can hardly be said to be purchased in – most of it is made with old bicycle parts. The restaurant itself has a cosy, traditional feel (perfect for those winter morning brunches). In its original incarnation, the building was actually a bike shop (known as Howes Cycles) and where Charles Darwin is believed to have once purchased a bike. We definitely recommend the sweet potato pancakes with coconut yoghurt.

Table viewed from above
Egg being eaten

Hot Numbers Coffee Roasters

Café and restaurant

Traditional meats and interesting plating make the brunch at Hot Numbers Coffee Roasters stand out, especially with their devoted customers. Then there is the fabulous coffee to wash it all down with. Ras El Hanout lamb shoulder and grilled sea bass are big favourites here. All ingredients are responsibly sourced where possible. There’s live jazz every Friday and Sunday for a boogie with brunch.



Café and restaurant

It’s more than a century old now (this year, in fact), but bakers Fitzbillies still retains its Art Nouveau style and faded grandeur. A definite Cambridge institution, it has never moved from the city’s Trumpington Street. Chelsea buns are the thing here. Their American-style pancakes drizzled in Chelsea bun sauce aren’t bad for brunch either.

The Punt Yard

Pizzeria and restaurant

The Punt Yard is all about pizza – that’s pizza for breakfast, brunch and dinner if you fancy it. Certainly, pizza is the big focus on weekdays while things get a bit more varied at weekends. The Aussie Vegan pizza with smashed avocado and barbecue sauce is the perfect brunch to tuck into while reading the paper or catching up with friends. We know, we’ve been here already…