Pride in Cambridge: Top things to do in pride month

Pride in Cambridge: Top things to do in pride month

Pride in Cambridge: Top things to do in pride month

There may have been zero public celebrations last year during Pride Month in Cambridge – thanks to coronavirus – but this year is going to look very different.

To some extent, it’s going to be the Cambridge LGBTQ + Pride festival as you’ve never seen it before. That’s because, this time around, the team are urging supporters to host their own ‘mini-Prides.’


London Pride parade planned for November 11

There will also be several smaller events going on in nearby London in September, when Pride has been rescheduled for (it usually takes place in June but organisers need more time).

For the London events, you will most definitely be able to turn up in person. That’s because there will be a Grand Pride Parade on September 11. This much-needed colourful and spectacular get-together will actually prove to be the first time in almost 16 months that Pride has put on an event.

The theme for the Parade in 2021 is Visibility, Unity and Equality – for all communities. Organisers expect more than 35,000 people to attend the march, with representation from more than 300 community groups.


Cambridge mini-pride parties

On Saturday, September 4 Together Pride is to host a four-hour online Pride podcast bonanza, complete with a live DJ set and plenty of live drag acts. So, they provide the entertainment, they want you to invite friends and provide the eats and drinks side. The ‘Pride House Party’ live DJ set starts at 9pm on the night.

Rainbow hands
Walking under a rainbow flag

Call out for Cambridge event performers

If you or anyone you know wants to take part in the online – and offline – extravaganza then get in touch with the organisers. That’s the teams at Peterborough, Cambridge, St Neots and Ely Pride.

Chair of Pride in St Neots, @Daniel_Laycock1 says: “It’s been a difficult year for many in the LGBTQIA+ community, where many queer people have felt alone, isolated or fearful of being at home where they may not be accepted.

“This is such a unique opportunity for the Pride organisations across Peterborough and Cambridgeshire to come together as one and see the biggest virtual Pride event put on in this part of the country.”

Cambridgeshire actually has the biggest LGBTQ+ population outside of the Capital. The city of Cambridge had its first Pride in 2019. This would have gone on to become an annual celebration had it not been thwarted by coronavirus lockdowns.

In fact, 179 individual parades around the UK were planned for 2020 and all had to be cancelled. This included a mini-parade as far north as the Hebridean Islands, just off the coast of Scotland.

Daniel and the other organisers of the Cambridgeshire Pride event can be contacted via the email address

Meanwhile, Peterborough Pride is hosting a physical event on Saturday, August 21. It will be their second such celebration.

To attend this year’s Cambridge LGBTQ + Pride festival offerings why not come and enjoy a long break in the city itself. For apartment bookings see our site Checked Inn.