Life hacks for beginner entrepreneurs

Life hacks for beginner entrepreneurs

Life hacks for beginner entrepreneurs

Being a small business owner, you’ll be familiar with the feeling of being pulled in all directions.

Whether it’s having to compile accounts in time for the HMRC deadline, market a new promotion or just get on with what you’re good at whatever your business entails. One of the answers is to outsource of course.

 Yes, it can be nerve-wracking to wonder if you have the right person for you. But, when you do find them i.e. an accountant or a marketing whiz, life is going to get so much easier for you. And here are other things you can do to lighten the load.


Break work down into bite-size pieces

Those big projects that you keep putting off because well, they’re going to take ages? The only real way to tackle them is to do parts of them little and often.

Like the way to eat an elephant i.e. one small bit at a time. In your case, instead of spending a whole day on it, spend an hour every day. That way it’s much more manageable – physically and psychologically.


Get real with time

We’re all guilty of this – believing we have eight hours in a day in which to get all we need to do.

But, there’s lunch, phone calls to answer, toilet breaks, parcels to post, dogs to walk etc… When setting deadlines for projects, always be aware that lots of distractions will arise.


Get a crackin’ calendar app

Electronic calendars for laptops and phones are pretty much spot-on these days. Having a calendar that alerts you to meetings and schedules appointments neatly and accurately is exactly what you need.

The best are those which sync with your other electronic gadgets and iCloud. Spend time finding the right one for you and you’ll be forever grateful you did.

Calendar app

Be happy with your apps

And, incidentally, don’t feel as if researching to find the perfect calendar app is a waste of time. Au contraire.

Once you find the best apps to suit your particular purposes ie for social media scheduling, filing expenses etc, you’ll be flying through your work schedule because efficient apps really can cut hours off your week.


Keep clutter to a minimum

Not only can a cluttered desk put you off sitting there, but it can also prove a huge distraction. While sitting at your computer your eye may wander to a magazine piled on the corner of your desk and before you know it, you’re three articles down and 30 minutes have passed.

And there are other ways it holds you back too. As @TMNinja points out: clutter is a double-threat.

Not only are things not put away where they should be, but it hides items that are out. How much time do you spend each day looking for items?

Implement even just a couple of the tips we have mentioned above and find yourself with more minutes in your working day. In the meantime, find more entrepreneurial tips today on our website at Checked Inn.