Practical guide to Cambridge – from parking to permits

Practical guide to Cambridge – from parking to permits

Practical guide to Cambridge – from parking to permits

With its iconic colleges, beautiful river, picturesque streets, and great career opportunities, Cambridge is a dream destination for many people looking to relocate. 

However, if you’re thinking of moving to the city, you need to consider the practicalities, as well as the romance of a move. To help get you started, we’ve put together a short guide to the practical side of living in Cambridge.



If you’re planning on bringing your car to Cambridge, parking is going to be an important consideration when you’re out exploring the city. On the whole, short-term parking in Cambridge city centre is fairly easy. There are a number of pay and display car parks available across the area – giving you a great choice of places to leave your vehicle.

Long-term parking in Cambridge can be a little more complicated. Thanks to the number of vehicles in the city, a lot of residential areas have implemented residents-only parking, so you’ll need to apply for a permit if you’re going to park your car near your property. Permits are available from the Cambridge Council Website or you can pop down to the council offices to find out more.

If you want parking to be as easy and as stress-free as possible, look for accommodation that comes with its own off-street parking.



Another good option for discovering Cambridge and the surrounding area is the bus. A great choice of routes criss-crosses the city, making it easy to get out and explore. If you’re planning a day out in Cambridge, buy a Stagecoach Dayrider pass for £4.50, and make the most of your ticket.

bike path


Cambridge has direct train links to a number of destinations across the UK. Travel non-stop from Cambridge to Brighton, London, Birmingham, and Liverpool as well as a host of nearby regional destinations. 

Combine train and bus travel in the city by investing in a BusPlus ticket when you travel by train. This will allow you to really get out and see everything the region has to offer.



Thanks to its extensive network of bike routes and flat landscape, Cambridge is a great city for cycling. You’ll find plenty of places to lock your bike both in the town centre and at colleges, museums, train stations, and other attractions. The city’s bike network is fairly straightforward to navigate, making it easy to get out and about on two wheels.

With great transport links and affordable trains and buses, Cambridge makes a great base for anyone who wants to make the most of the local area. If you’d like to find out more about the practical side of life in Cambridge, and learn more about the accommodation that’s available in the city, we can help. Get in touch with a member of our team today.