What is inclusive accommodation?

What is inclusive accommodation?

What is inclusive accommodation?

If you’re moving to a new location for work or study, then you’ll be eagerly researching your accommodation options. Though you’ll already be familiar with options such as hotels and rentals, you may not be aware of inclusive accommodation. 

For many, inclusive accommodation effortlessly bridges the gap and provides the ideal solution. But what exactly does it involve, and what are the benefits of taking this route? Let’s look at what you need to know. 


The perfect option when you need to stay for less than six months 

Most traditional rentals involve a contract of at least six months, which isn’t an option for many students and professionals. What if you need to be in your new location for just four months, for example? Living in a hotel for that length of time is no fun, and can become seriously tiresome. Inclusive accommodation is much more flexible and gives you the best of both worlds. Simply choose how long you wish to stay, without the hassle or fuss. 


A great solution for streamlining your expenses

Taking care of all the bills and costs associated with temporary accommodation can become an administrative nightmare. There are many different organisations that you need to contact, during a time when you have other priorities to juggle. With inclusive accommodation though, everything is taken care of on your behalf. This can include council tax, utilities, and even furniture and linen. 


Peace of mind for busy people 

When you’re getting to grips with a new job or a course in a new city, your stress levels are likely to rise. In fact, an article in the Telegraph states, ‘It’s one of life’s most stressful experiences, and it’s because it involves having to cope with change’. 

Traditionally, arranging your accommodation would only add to this worry and anxiety. When you work with a reputable inclusive accommodation provider though, you can rest safe in the knowledge that you’re in capable hands. You’ll be dealing with professionals who know exactly what you want and need. This can bring you massive amounts of peace of mind. 


Simple and straightforward 

Inclusive accommodation has been designed with people like you in mind. If you want a stress-free experience and a smooth move, then it’s exactly what you’ve been searching for. You’ll have a choice of high-quality properties to choose from, as well as expert guidance along the way that you can rely on. 

If you’re eager to explore the option of moving into inclusive accommodation, why not get in touch with us? We can talk through your needs and your wants, and help you to pinpoint a property that’s perfect for you. 

We can answer any questions that you might have. It may just be the start of your journey towards finding your ideal accommodation.