Money-Saving Tips for Professional Renters

Money-Saving Tips for Professional Renters

Money-Saving Tips for Professional Renters

Now that summer’s approaching most of us are thinking of where we’ll head for our holidays. Going abroad may not be an option again this year because of coronavirus but there are endless possibilities in the UK alone.

Trouble is, a week in Cornwall can prove just as costly as a European weekend getaway. So, in this post we’re giving you some great tips on how you can save more money to pay for your summer break (hopefully you’ll get more than one) this year:


Cancel those subscriptions

That Amazon Prime subscription that you never use and the Sky Channel that you’ve forsaken in favour of Netflix – what’s the point of continuing to pay for these subscriptions? You could be looking at a combined £50 there.

And yes, you’ll be able to go back to the gym soon but many of us managed to stay fit during lockdown by walking and cycling. Cancel your gym subscription and you could be looking at saving another £25 a month.

And, as for that Simply Cooking box you loved when it first arrived, well, if it feels more like an obligation to follow the recipes these days, then it could be time to say goodbye – and save yourself another £10 a month. And, on the subject of food…


Prep your meals

Organising what you are going to eat rather than just grabbing something from the supermarket on the way home every night can save you a fortune.

It’ll also make you feel better too because you’ll be eating freshly prepared fruit and veg, rather than oven-ready meals. So, plan your meals a week in advance and do a big shop once a week.

Batch cook so that you can benefit from bulk buying. Not only will you save on the pennies but cooking a large chilli and freezing several portions means you’ll have meals ready to just heat up when you come home tired after a long day.

@goodhousemag says, “Some recipes, like pies and lasagnas, can be taken up to the step before placing it in the oven, and then frozen, to be cooked through when needed.”

And, if you don’t fancy spending an hour or so trailing round the supermarket for that ‘big shop’ then order online. This will save you money too because you won’t be tempted by impulse buys.

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Make your own coffee

A cup of coffee en-route to work every day may not seem a lot at the time but boy does it add up – to around £60 a month with the odd flavoured syrup and extra shot.

Treat yourself to a good flask (ie Chilli bottle) and make your own coffee before you leave the house.

Use an Italian stove-top coffee pot or cafetiere and treat yourself to some quality ground grains. That way you won’t even miss your Starbucks Cappuccino.


Cut back energy costs

It’s possible to save yourself lots of money on your energy bills by making a few careful changes.

Switching the bulbs in lamps and light shades can save up to £40 a year, while using the washing machine when you have a full load and not using the tumble dryer at all if there is one, will mean saving even more.

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