Cambridge at Night - Hot Spots and Must-visit Venues

Cambridge at Night - Hot Spots and Must-visit Venues

Cambridge at Night – Hot Spots and Must-visit Venues

Yes, Cambridge is gorgeous by day, but it’s exciting at night too. From live music venues to ghost walking tours, cocktail making classes, and challenging escape rooms – plenty is going on.

And that’s before we’ve even touched on the eclectic pubs and first-class restaurants. So, without further ado, here’s what we love about Cambridge at night.


Ghost Walking Tours

Whether it’s Wickedness and Witches you’re after, or Colleges and Corpses, you are guaranteed a frightfully fun night when you embark on a Cambridge Ghost Tours walk.

And, if that doesn’t float your boat, you could always personalize things a little more by booking your own private tarot reading.


Tapas and cocktails

Don’t know about you, but we love the combination of tapas (in all their myriad forms), washed down by cocktails (also in a variety of guises). That’s why La Raza is a big favourite amongst not just among ourselves, but half of Cambridge, we reckon.


Escape rooms

Those of you who like a bit of ‘living on the edge’ with your puzzles will love 60 minutes in one of the escape rooms in Cambridge.

Enter Heaven and Hell, The Secret Clubhouse, The Bomb – or whatever takes your fancy and let’s see if you ever get out…

Cambridge night life

Beer gardens

No doubt, if you do manage to get out of your escape room, you’ll be in the need of a visit to the Pint Shop or some other city pub to steady your nerves with a glass of two of ale.

Try some bread beer while you’re at it. Many Cambridge pubs have beer gardens, which is ideal as the last thing you’ll want after your Escape Room ordeal is to be stuck between four walls again.


Live music

And, if you like a little live music with your beer garden then, again, there are plenty of venues to choose from in Cambridge. Take The Portland, for instance, with an eclectic line-up to look forward to this summer.

And, if it’s music in the park then @ThirstyCamb has the right idea: “So if you’re heading to the park on an extra-long lunch break or finishing those zoom calls a little early today. Drop by and pick up some draught beer to go.”


Evening punt

By ‘evening punt’ no, we’re not talking about a nighttime stroll to the bookies. What we actually mean is a romantic evening boating trip in one of the city’s many punts.

No one comes to Cambridge and goes home without having experienced a trip on the River Cam, surely?


Cocktail masterclass

How many cocktails can you make in 90 minutes – decent ones, that is? Well, you will soon find out if you book for a Revolution cocktail class at one of Cambridge’s several venues offering such an evening.

After all, Mojitos are so old-hat, it’s time to get with the new fancy drinks on the block. Meanwhile, did we mention Revolution has a rooftop bar and resident DJ?


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