Cambridge home to UK's most eco-friendly shopping street

Cambridge home to UK's most eco-friendly shopping street

Cambridge home to UK’s most eco-friendly shopping street

With its bike-friendly streets, beautiful green spaces, and walkable centre, Cambridge has always been an eco-conscious city.

So it’s no surprise that Cambridge often comes high on the list of UK areas doing the most for the environment. One recent study revealed that Cambridge is home to the greenest shopping street in the UK.

As @theipaper explains, “The eco-friendly high street index was compiled by researchers, who took into account the number of recycling facilities, electric car charging points, nearby green spaces, vegan restaurants and charity shops in each area.”

So which street topped the list? You’ll have to keep reading to find out.


The greenest shopping street in Cambridge

According to the eco-friendly high street index, St Andrew’s Street is the greenest shopping street in the UK.

Located right in the heart of Cambridge, just a stone’s throw from Christ’s College, Parker’s Piece and Grand Arcade, the street is home to a fantastic choice of restaurants, shops, and environmentally-friendly facilities.

According to the index, visitors to St Andrew’s Street can choose from 64 local green spaces, 82 eateries with vegan options, 18 charity shops, and six charging stations for electric cars.

The study revealed the second-greenest shopping street in the UK to be Bridge Street in Cardiff, while Coppergate in York came in third. At the other end of the scale, Commercial Way in Woking was the country’s least environmentally friendly shopping street with just two charging points for electric vehicles and few other eco amenities.

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Living green in Cambridge 

There are lots of things that make Cambridge a green place to live. For a start, the city is home to a fantastic choice of parks and open spaces.

The centre of the city is ringed by Parker’s Piece, Christ’s Pieces, The Backs, and Lammas Land. You also have Jesus Green, Midsummer Common, and the Cambridge University Botanic Gardens all within easy reach of the city centre.

As Cambridge is a relatively small city, getting between these green spaces is easy. Cycling routes criss cross Cambridge, buses are affordable and regular and most destinations are easily accessible by foot.

The city council is also working hard to ensure there are plenty of charging points for electric cars. You can find more information about transport in Cambridge by looking at the council website or popping into your local Tourist Information Centre.

The city is home to a great choice of vegan and vegetarian friendly restaurants offering a huge variety of cuisines. From Indian to Chinese and Italian to Thai, you can enjoy some delicious plant-based meals in Cambridge.


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