Research shows renters in Cambridge want outside space

Research shows renters in Cambridge want outside space

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Gardens have always been a strong selling point for properties of all types in the UK. Families love having outside space to play in, while young people like to entertain alfresco and older residents enjoy having gardens in which to relax and unwind.

Recently, gardens have become even more important. As @Landlord_Today says, “Living without outdoor space is proving a real challenge for many people during the current coronavirus lockdown, which will largely explain why demand for properties with gardens has increased in recent weeks, particularly in urban areas.”


The demand for outside space

At the height of lockdown, many people were unable to leave their homes for weeks at a time. As a result, a lot of people used their garden as a way to get fresh air, soak up some sun, and change their scenery.

Thanks to the obvious benefits of having a garden during these extraordinary times, the demand for outside space has gone through the roof, with research showing renters in cities like Cambridge are now putting gardens and balconies right at the top of their wish lists.


Outdoor living in Cambridge 

One of the things that attract people to Cambridge is the number of parks and green spaces on offer. The city is blessed with a huge number of beautiful outdoor areas, making it a fantastic destination for anyone who wants to enjoy a little alfresco living. Most of these areas have remained open throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

So, while you may not have been able to meet friends for football matches or enjoy exercise classes in the park, residents have still been able to walk, run, and cycle in these verdant areas.


Finding a home with a garden in Cambridge 

While the parks and gardens of Cambridge are undeniably one of the city’s main attractions, there’s something special about having a little bit of outside space all to yourself. If you like the idea of having a slice of Cambridge to entertain, relax and socialise in, finding a home with a garden is key.

In the city centre, rental properties with outside spaces are few and far between. Although some apartments come with balconies, many won’t have any outside space at all, so you may need to look hard to find your outdoor haven.

Luckily, Checked Inn offers an excellent selection of properties that come complete with their very own outdoor areas. Our apartments on Great Northern Road and Station Park have balconies and beautiful communal green areas, while our Napier Street homes are built around a complex of courtyards and gardens. Other Checked Inn properties to offer private outdoor areas include Eagle Yard, Devonshire Road, and Park House.

As all of these properties are located in the centre of Cambridge, close to public transport links and amenities, they offer the perfect combination of outside space and city living.

This gives you easy access to the bars, shops and attractions of Cambridge while providing you with your very own haven, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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