Best Takeaways in Cambridge

Best Takeaways in Cambridge

 Best Takeaways in Cambridge

2020 has been all about staying at home in style as @elleuk made very clear with their recommendations for what to wear when you are working from home.

They say, “Whether its ‘polished’, satin pyjamas or a colourful Scandi-inspired, printed dress that’s voluminous and comfortable, here are our three quick and easy tips for dressing for the home office that are sure to improve your mood and productivity, pronto.”

What this demonstrates is that while we have all been spending more time than ever before in our homes, that doesn’t mean that we can’t have fun! Despite the lockdown, people in Cambridge have all still been enjoying the delights of the city’s fabulous eateries. More than 250 restaurants in Cambridge signed up to Deliveroo when they launched in the city five years ago.

But with so many incredible places to choose from when you want a takeaway, how do you decide where to go? This time, we’ve put our heads together to tell you our Top 5 Cambridge Takeaways.

The recipe for a perfect night in includes cooking your own dinner for 43% of us, but for a lot of people having a night in means having a night off! Here at CheckedInn HQ, we have put our heads together to give you our top 5 Cambridge-based takeaways.


1. Fabulous Fish and Chips

A firm favourite up and down the country, fish and chips are part of the tapestry of what it means to be a Brit. Spoilt for choice, there are lots of chippies to choose from, but @Twoplusdogs1 have whittled it down to their favourite five in the 5 Best Places for Fish and Chips in Cambridge, from The Sea Tree to The Viking Chip Shop.


2. Pizza and Italian Cuisine

Mamma mia! Cambridge is spoilt for choice for excellent Italian takeaways. Whether you like pasta dishes or pizzas, there is an incredible takeaway option for you.

Our number one choice for pasta and classic Italian dishes is De Luca Cucina and Bar. If you are after pizza, then look no further than Aromi for delicious Sicilian sourdough pizzas. Buon appetito!

Fish and chips

3. Curry

If you say ‘fancy a curry?’ to someone today, you could mean a wide variety of different dishes. ‘Curry’ is no longer synonymous with ‘Indian’ now that we have exceptional Thai curries and Japanese Katsu curries easily available in most towns and cities.

For fine Indian dining, we recommend Navadhanya. For Thai, try Thaikhun Thai. And for Japanese, look for no further than ToKoKo on Burleigh Street. They are also great at sushi.


4. A Taste of Asia

Both Café Oriental & Dumpling Bar and Gourmet House produce exceptional Asian dishes at very reasonable prices.

Gourmet House is a kind of pan-Asian establishment in that they do Chinese, Asian and Japanese dishes as well as noodles. Café Oriental & Dumpling Bar, on the other hand, specialise in Chinese dishes, most particularly Dim Sum and Dumplings.


5. Something more interesting

Every now and then, everyone fancies a juicy burger that dribbles grease down their chin and the most popular takeaway dish in the whole of Cambridge, will tick that box.

FiveGuys’ burgers are delicious, of course and they have excellent reviews from their customers. If you aren’t a burger person, (you might be a veggie or a vegan) then where else can you turn for something a little more interesting than a bag of chips or a pizza?

 The Cook’s Nest is a street food van serving irresistibly delicious Mediterranean street food. It has a rating of 5 out of 5 on TripAdvisor. It is definitely worth investigating the next time a takeaway is calling your name.

Keep an eye on our blogs to find out more about the restaurants, pubs and eateries in Cambridge well as what else the historic city has to offer.