Guide to living and working in Cambridge for Americans

Guide to living and working in Cambridge for Americans

Guide to living and working in Cambridge for Americans

If you’re an American about to embark on living and working in Cambridge, you have a lot to look forward to. Located 50 miles outside of London, it’s a thriving city renowned for its prestigious university and high standard of living. 

It has also recently been named as one of the top ten emerging tech cities in the UK. Before moving though, you’ll want to know more about how to make the most of your time in the city – this is what you need to know. 


Staying safe in Cambridge 

Cambridge is widely considered to be a very safe city.  In fact, statistics show that crime here is lower than average almost right across the board. Many newcomers to the city report feeling welcome and relaxed, indicating that there’s little to be worried about in this regard. Still, it’s sensible to exercise a level of caution and follow usual best practice around personal safety. 


Getting to know the local area 

You certainly won’t be short of things to do and places to explore when you live and work in Cambridge. Whether you want to soak up historic culture or sample local restaurants and bars, you’ll be absolutely spoilt for choice. If you enjoy the finer things in life, be sure to head to Midsummer House for French-inspired gourmet dining. 


Using public transport in Cambridge 

Visit Cambridge says, ‘Travelling around Cambridge couldn’t be simpler! Whether you’re hiring a cycle or a punt, taking a bus or taxi, or even if you decide to walk, all parts of the city are easily accessible’

Having access to your own vehicle is by no means necessary, and walking is a particularly popular option with many residents. It’s free, it keeps you fit and active, and it cuts down on your carbon footprint. It’s also an excellent way to explore the city and spot sights that you might have otherwise missed. 

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Attending local events  

Cambridge offers a vibrant calendar of events. Whether you’re interested in business, culture, education or simply getting social, you’ll have many options to explore. This is excellent news if you’d like to meet new people in the city and expand your knowledge and skill set. 

If you’re planning your move in the near future, why not make a booking? It could be the perfect introduction to your new home, whether you plan to stay for a few months or indefinitely. 


Embracing your new city

Moving can be exciting, but there’s no denying that it can also be overwhelming. If you’re feeling anxious, then know that it’s completely normal. 

Familiarising yourself with British culture and societal norms can go a long way, and help to put you at ease. Remember that there’s a great adventure ahead of you, and you have so much to look forward to! 

If you’re coming to Cambridge for work and either don’t know how long you’ll be staying or don’t want to commit to a minimum of 6 months in a rental agreement, CheckedInn makes it easy to find somewhere to stay without the expense of hotels, or the long term rental commitment. You can enjoyquality accommodation in or around the city so you can be as close to the action as you want to be.

Living in Cambridge is a fantastic opportunity, and there’s something in the city for everyone. Find out more today by exploring our site.