How 'utilities included' can save you more money

How 'utilities included' can save you more money

How ‘utilities included’ can save you more money

When renting property in the UK, most tenants want a home that’s as affordable as possible. Although they want their property to be of a high standard, they don’t want to pay over the odds when it comes to bills and other extras.

As a result, the majority of UK rental properties are let exclusive of bills. This means that tenants are responsible for paying for their own gas, electricity, internet, water, and council tax.

While some people believe that this is the most financially efficient solution for tenants, in reality, a lot of people could save money by living in accommodation inclusive of bills.

As well as potentially being more affordable than accommodation that’s let exclusive of bills, this comprehensive rental option is also more convenient. Keep reading to find out more.


Average cost of utility bills in the UK

According to @YourMoneyAdvice, ”The UK average for an electricity bill is £58 a month, the average broadband bill is £30.30 and it’s £56 for gas.” On top of this, tenants also have to budget for water, council tax, and phone bills.

During the winter months, tenants are likely to use more gas and electricity while the summer months may well see them using more water. This increased use could mean their bills are even higher, making it difficult for tenants to budget, and putting pressure on their finances.


Utilities included

When you rent a property with utilities included, you’ll pay a lump sum every month to your landlord. This money will cover the cost of your gas, electricity, water and council tax, with some landlords throwing in internet as well.

Although, on the face of it, this type of property can seem more expensive, in reality, many tenants will end up saving money by paying for everything together. This is especially true for those who like to have their heating on throughout the winter and for people who use a lot of electricity-draining devices.



As well as potentially being more affordable, renting property with the bills included is much more convenient.

Knowing exactly how much you’re going to pay at the end of each month allows you to budget more effectively and means you won’t get caught out by an unexpectedly large utility bill just when your bank balance is at its lowest.


Finding all-inclusive property

Although it’s more convenient for the tenant, finding all-inclusive property in the UK isn’t always easy. There are some companies now offering rental apartments that come with bills included. One such company is CheckedInn.

Based in Cambridge, CheckedInn provides tenants will exceptionally high-quality properties in central locations. All apartments offered by the company come with bills included in the rental price, ensuring tenants know exactly how much their new home will cost them.

Find out more about CheckedInn and the properties we offer by exploring our site or getting in touch with a member of our team.