River Cam gets cleaned up by pirates!

River Cam gets cleaned up by pirates!

River Cam gets cleaned up by pirates!

Although it’s one of the most beautiful rivers in the UK, even the Cam needs a little tidy up every once and awhile. Rubbish, reeds and other debris need clearing out to keep the water flowing and the wildlife safe.

The riverbanks also need cleaning to remove the manmade rubbish that accumulates there. Giving the river just a few hours of attention every few months is enough to keep it looking great and flowing as it should.

This year, the River Cam was cleaned by some very special visitors: a group of marauding pirates. Working hard from morning to night, these swashbuckling helpers put in a huge amount of effort to clear the river of rubbish and leave the space looking its very best.


The 15th Annual River Cam Clean Up

This year marked the fifteenth time the local Cambridge community has come together to give the river a bit of TLC. The annual Camboaters river clean up and festival saw helpers come from across the city to enjoy the river and show the waterway the love it deserves.

The clean-up began at Fort St George at 10am and continued till 7pm, with a large number of people getting involved during the day.

This year, the clean-up was pirate themed. Adding a sense of fun to the occasion, the theme gave participants the perfect excuse to get dressed up, decorate their boats and have some fun. It also meant that even more families than usual took part, with kids of all ages dressing up and getting involved.

Rubbish removed from the river included bikes, trolleys, plastic bags and other debris. At the end of the day, the Cam was a lot cleaner and a lot more picturesque, giving all residents of Cambridge a space they can really enjoy.

river cam
River rubbish


After all that cleaning, clearing and beautifying, participants of the Camboaters Annual River Clean get to kick back, relax, and have some fun. As @CambridgeIndy says, “After the hard work, people gathered for the river festival to listen to the DJs and live music – several bands played during the afternoon and evening on a Dutch barge.”

These festivities help to bring the community together and allow everyone to enjoy the river and the beautiful scenery it has to offer.


Life on the river 

If you love nothing more than getting out on the water, you’ll be pleased to hear there’s plenty to do on the River Cam. The city is famous for the punts that line the riverfront.

Hire one of these flat-bottomed boats and spend a day exploring the river and all its nooks and crannies. If punting doesn’t appeal, you can have a go at stand up paddleboarding – or simply join one of the many boat tours that ply the river.

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