How to Make a House a Home for £500 or Less

How to Make a House a Home for £500 or Less

How to Make a House a Home for £500 or Less

If you are in medium-term accommodation (anything between 3-6 months) then making your new home feel like your home can be quite a challenge.

However, you must be living somewhere that you feel like you can relax and unwind. This is especially important if you are based in a different town for work or study on a short-term contract.

Your living conditions make a huge impact on your ability to be productive and good quality downtime, “Is essential for [your] emotional and cognitive health.”

As such, being able to do your job or complete your research is dependent on the rest you get at home.

Let us show you our highlights for how you can transform your medium-term accommodation into your home for £500 or less.

Making somewhere that you will only be living in for a few months feel like your home is a fairly tricky challenge.

You don’t want to do anything too permanent to a property that isn’t yours or that you won’t be staying in for long, like hanging photos and pictures on the walls.

You also don’t want to buy anything too big, like furniture, because you will then have the task of moving it back when your contract finishes.

So, what can you buy that will make your new pad feel more homely? Here are our top home comforts.

They’re great as a treat for yourself, or if you know someone who will soon be relocating for a few months due to their work or studies.

Home making

1. Good quality cotton bedding

Investing in good quality bedding is always a wise decision. It’s an investment in the future that you will always be glad you made. Having high-quality bedding whether it’s made from cotton or linen instantly transforms your bedroom into something that wouldn’t be out of place in a boutique hotel.

The brilliance of white bedding is that it goes with any colour scheme meaning that you can be as creative as you want with the interior design of your homes for decades. They are also timeless and never go out of style whatever the thread detailing you choose.

Furthermore, they are surprisingly easy to take care of because they can be washed at a high temperature. It’s a great present to receive and to give for any occasion.


2. Cushions

Cushion covers can alter the look and feel of a room instantaneously. There are so many different designs, colours, and textures to choose from.

You can choose designs that remind you of your passions, memories or people from home to create a safe haven that you look forward to return to after a long day at work.

Rather than buying them, you could even make them, giving you a hobby to enjoy whilst you are away.  What’s more, cushion covers are easy to pack into your suitcase at the end of your contract.


3. Freestanding photo frames 

This is a must for your new home. Take some photographs with you in freestanding photo frames. You won’t want, or necessarily be able, to put up photographs or art in your new home, so create the sensation of home by using free-standing frames. It’s very important when you are hanging art to get it right, which is why landlords do not usually allow tenants to do this.

Freestanding frames mean you can make your surroundings feel homely without risking causing any damage to the property. They’re also usually fairly small, so like high-quality bedding and cushion covers they are quite portable.

Attractive freestanding photo frames also make a great present for you to receive for a special occasion or to give to anyone. They aren’t the sort of thing that people often splash out on themselves.


4. Blankets and Throws

Blankets and throws, like cushion covers, can alter the look, feeling and mood of a room within seconds. They can give a room energy and pizzazz or make it more calming and soothing.

They are great to snuggle up with or just to add a decorative flourish to your settee.

It’s also easy to transport meaning that it won’t be a nuisance to take home with you when your contract ends.

CheckedInn are sure that whatever you choose, it will be an enjoyable experience and mean your time in your new home, however temporary, will be memorable.

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