Cambridge's most haunted houses

Cambridge's most haunted houses

Cambridge’s most haunted houses

As it’s one of the most historic cities in the UK, it’s no surprise Cambridge is home to more than a few haunted buildings. For centuries, people have lived, died and suffered gruesome fates in the city, and many believe some of these souls have been unable to move on. As a result, Cambridge boasts a large number of haunted properties. As @Cambslive says, “From old country pubs, to haunted museums and spooky cathedrals, there are a whole host of opportunities to embrace the paranormal.”


Abbey House

Built in the 17th century, Abbey House is located on the corner of Beche Road and Abbey Road. A grade II listed building, parts of the property are thought to date back to the 13th century. The ghostly episodes at Abbey House began in around 1904 when the newly moved-in residents of the property reported hearing crashing and banging sounds in the night. From 1907 onward, visitors to the house have reported seeing the ghost of a nun wrapped in a dark robe.


The Ferryboat Inn 

The Ferryboat Inn, located on the banks of the River Ouse, also dates back to the 17th century. However, the ghost that occupies the inn is much older. Part of the building is said to have been built on the grave of 17-year old Juliet Tewsley, who took her own life on 17th March 1050 after being jilted by a lover. Legend has it that her ghost walks the inn on the anniversary of her death, giving ghoul-hunters an annual opportunity to spot the apparition.


The Bell Inn

The Bell Inn has stood on its current location since the late 15th century. The current building was constructed in 1642 and was a favourite haunt of highwayman Dick Turpin, who hid in the pub for nine weeks while on the run from the law. It’s believed the ghost of Dick Turpin still haunts his former bedroom. Owners have reported fires igniting spontaneously in the room and many guests have said their belongings have been moved and they’ve felt watched while using the space. One table in the pub is even said to be cursed, with a large number of accidents befalling the unfortunate people who have sat there.


Audley End 

While Audley End isn’t strictly haunted, it does appear in a collection of ghost stories published by English Heritage. The haunting tale was written by author Sarah Perry who grew up near the manor close to Saffron Walden. Reading the story before visiting the house will help to get you in the mood for a good haunting.


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