Consumers want instant gratification – grab and go accommodation

Consumers want instant gratification – grab and go accommodation

Consumers want instant gratification – grab and go accommodation

Thanks to the rise of the internet, and the increased personalisation of marketing and sales, customers now demand instant gratification from their preferred brands. Waiting for days, weeks, or even months for a new product or service to be delivered is no longer acceptable.

As @salesforce says, “We value the ability to buy quickly, easily, and are getting less and less patient when it comes to waiting for orders to be delivered and new goods to show up in stores.”

Although the trend towards instant gratification is more pronounced in retail, it also applies to other industries. In the property market, we’re seeing more and more tenants choose the accommodation that offers them instant comfort and instant convenience.


Grab and go accommodation

Today’s hectic pace of life often leaves little time for house hunting, DIY or furniture shopping. As a result, an increasing number of people are choosing to live in ‘grab and go’ properties.

These convenient homes generally come clean, tidy and fully furnished, allowing tenants to begin enjoying their new accommodation the moment they walk through the door.

Grab and go accommodation
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Combining the convenience of a hotel with the practicalities and comforts of home, this type of accommodation is especially suitable for those moving to a new city for work or study.

Although slightly more expensive than traditional rentals, tenants are often happy to pay the extra if it means they’re guaranteed high-quality accommodation and can relax and enjoy their new home instantly.

Grab and go properties don’t require tenants to put any time or energy into maintenance. Instead of spending their weekends painting, furniture shopping or assembling flat-pack wardrobes, tenants can get out and enjoy the town or city they’re living in.

What’s more, as readymade accommodation often comes complete with a cleaning service, there’s almost no work at all involved in maintaining the property.



Modern consumers have exceptionally high expectations when it comes to products and services. Although they’re happy to pay more for convenience, today’s shoppers demand a lot from the companies they use and won’t be happy with poor customer service or a substandard product.

Grab and go properties have to be well run and well managed. Tenants also expect them to be centrally located and to be furnished to a high standard. If they don’t meet these expectations, landlords will find tenants soon become dissatisfied with the service on offer. If they get a reputation for substandard accommodation, landlords may struggle to attract new tenants to their properties.

Offering a great combination of convenience and comfort, grab and go properties are the perfect solution to today’s modern housing needs. To find out more about serviced apartments in the local area, and to learn more about this contemporary style of housing, explore our site – or get in touch with a member of our team today.