Discover Cambridge's most Cosmopolitan Street - Mill Road

Discover Cambridge's most Cosmopolitan Street - Mill Road

Discover Cambridge’s most Cosmopolitan Street – Mill Road

It may only be a mile long, but Cambridge’s Mill Road can take some time to get along. That’s due to all the quirky, independent shops, and delectable food destinations it has to offer and that you’ll want to check out along the way.


World food choices

Often referred to as the city’s ‘coolest street’, or even the Nottinghill Road of Cambridge, Mill Road is vibrant, colourful, and certainly cosmopolitan.

Take the restaurants, for example. You can tuck into North African fare at Bedouin (while enjoying its tent-like décor), Sushi at Ohayo and Korean at Bibimbap House.

If you want to experiment with your own oriental cooking, there’s the Cho Mee Chinese supermarket to pick up your seaweed and spices from.


Its own microbrewery

To wash down some of those world food choices, there is Calverley’s Brewery. Run by two brothers and located just off Mill Road, the pair are intent on checking out the brewing habits of various countries.

Their taproom is open three days a week, when you can judge for yourself just how well their brewing techniques are coming along.


Great charity shops

No street can call itself eclectic without a great range of charity shops. And Mill Road doesn’t disappoint on that score.

There is the popular Sally Ann’s Salvation Army charity shop, while The Amnesty shop is great for finding books. For clothing, head to the street’s Oxfam store.


Cosy coffee shops

Naturally, Mill Road does well when it comes to coffee shops and cafes too. The Black Cat Café is a haven for Australians and New Zealanders, thanks to its antipodean owners.

Urban Larder is all about the healthy salads and toasties, while Tom’s Cakes is all about the home baking: @TomsCakes, “Our wide range flows with the seasons – be it a light summer Lavender Cake or an autumn Bramley Apple and Cinnamon Cake.”

About Mill Road
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Plenty of pubs

As you’d expect with such a lively location, there are plenty of pubs in Mill Road too. One of our favourites is The Royal Standard, thanks to its classic pub décor and fun bar staff. 

The Cambridge Blue also offers that traditional feel – and plenty of real ale choices – while The Brook has a fabulous beer garden and outdoor bar.


Hidden cemetery

Yes, what well-respected vibrant and well-publicised street doesn’t have some gravestones and public art installations hidden away? 

Dating back to 1848, this secluded, slightly unkempt, Grade II-listed cemetery can be accessed via a gated path between Mackenzine Road and Emery Street. It’s worth visiting just for the variety of wildflowers alongside the gravestones. 


Interesting residents

You would certainly expect an interesting and bohemian street such as Mill Road to have attracted some interesting residents over the years. 

Writer Douglas Adams lived at Number One while a student at the university. Syd Barret of Pink Floyd fame was a Mill Road postman for a time. Fellow band member David Gilmour rented a room in the street.

Current residents include Bobsleigh Olympic gold medallist Amy Williams and food writer/historian Bee Wilson.

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