The differences between Checked Inn and a tenancy agreement

The differences between Checked Inn and a tenancy agreement

The differences between Checked Inn and a tenancy agreement

In an increasingly hectic working world, our accommodation needs to better reflect the way we live. More young people than ever before are choosing to avoid the traditional route of saving for a mortgage, not only because securing a mortgage has never been harder but because it’s incompatible with their lifestyles.

Until recently, the only alternative options were living out of a suitcase or signing a tenancy agreement. Yet with many of us moving from town to town and city to city as work demands, even signing a tenancy agreement can prove too permanent.

That’s why services such as Checked Inn are so vital. Offering fully furnished homes a stone’s throw from the iconic Cambridge city centre, Checked Inn’s range of properties offer boutique charm at affordable rates and with far more flexibility than your standard tenancy agreement.

Traditionally, the only options available to corporate travellers were lengthily assured shorthold tenancies or costly short-term lets, but Checked Inn offers something of a middle ground. Below, we’ll examine some of the key differences between a tenancy agreement and Checked Inn living, to help prospective tenants understand the unique benefits.


With the vast majority of tenancy agreements, particularly regarding city centre locations, the tenancy agreement will enforce a mandatory minimum occupancy length of at least 6 months (the average is around 9 months). With a traditional shorthand tenancy from a private landlord or letting agent, you’ll generally be given a fixed term of between 6 and 12 months, with a periodic agreement that rolls either weekly or monthly. If you break this agreement, you’ll be forced to pay a fine.

For professional individuals who might only be offered work contracts a few months at a time, this is far from ideal, which is why so many instead decide to live out of hotels. Checked Inn, however, boasts a minimum occupancy of just 12 weeks, offering so much more flexibility for nomadic, city centre workers. Checked Inn also offers the flexibility to add extra time at short notice or cancel your agreement early without having to pay out a ridiculous fee.


One of the most trying hassles with moving from tenancy to tenancy is setting up your utilities – sorting out the broadband, council tax, television and more. Checked Inn, however,  takes care of the utilities for you via one elegant monthly bill, saving you time, money and hassle.



Furnishings will depend very much on the individual arrangement, but with any tenancy agreement, you’ll rarely find yourself in a situation where everything you need to get on with living effortlessly is included as part and parcel of the rental terms.

Checked Inn’s commitment to the concept of effortless and inclusive living means that every property in their portfolio comes fully furnished and ready to go. From the beds, sofas and kitchen appliances right down to the cutlery, linen and glassware; everything you’ll need to live comfortably in Cambridge city centre is included with a Checked Inn property agreement. Simply speaking – we’re ready whenever you are!



The fees associated with private rentals are completely absent with Checked Inn. There are no hidden fees to deal with and the terms and conditions are clear and fair. We can also keep our costs low as there are no middlemen to worry about and we’re members of the Property Ombudsman, so are fully committed to best practices at all times.

Checked Inn offers a perfect option for corporate living in Cambridge – a solution for those caught in perpetual limbo between hotel living and needlessly complicated tenancy agreements. To find out more, contact us today and we’ll be happy to help you arrange a viewing at one of our many fully-furnished contemporary homes.