How Cambridge compares to the rest of the UK - from property prices to people's happiness

How Cambridge compares to the rest of the UK - from property prices to people's happiness

How Cambridge compares to the rest of the UK – from property prices to people’s happiness

When choosing a new place to live, it’s important to consider as many factors as possible. From property prices to job opportunities, education to happiness, your new home needs to offer everything you’re looking for. To help you decide whether or not Cambridge is the right destination for you, we’re taking a look at how the city stacks up to the rest of the UK.


Property prices

Property prices in Cambridge are a lot more affordable than those in other parts of the country. The average cost of a property in Cambridge is £388,400, while in London you’ll need to fork out £448,000 for the average home. However, while prices are lower than the capital, the desirability of Cambridge means there’s a lot of competition for property in the area.

Cambridge is famous for the standard of its education and the quality of its job opportunities. As a result, people move to the city from all corners of the globe. This can make it difficult to find affordable accommodation in Cambridge, especially in central parts of the city.


Job opportunities

Cambridge has long been a great destination for anyone looking to get a foot up on the career ladder. A number of major international employers have a presence in the area, giving graduates and residents a fantastic choice of potential positions. Tech, in particular, is a rapidly growing industry in the city. Cambridge has been nicknamed Silicon Fen in response to the sheer number of tech start-ups and established companies based in the area. Microsoft, Spotify, Featurespace and Amazon are some of the best-known names with offices in the region.

Cambridge Comparisons


Cambridge has long been famous for the quality of education on offer in the city. Home to the third best university in the world, as well as a choice of excellent state and public schools, the city punches far above its weight when it comes to education. Having so many good schools and higher education establishments in such a small area really sets Cambridge apart from the rest of the country. 



Having good job opportunities and excellent schools and universities is all well and good, but if you’re not happy, your new home won’t feel right. Luckily for those considering a move to Cambridge, the city performs far better than much of the rest of the UK when it comes to social inclusion, culture and innovation. According to the recent Dynamic Cities index, which ranks over 130 European cities, Cambridge performed incredibly well in these key areas.  As @businessweekly says, Cambridge “excels in terms of Inclusion, Inspiration and Innovation, ranking either first or second in these categories.”

If you’re thinking about a move to Cambridge, we can help you find your perfect home in the city, from city centre studios to the serene suburbs or perhaps a spot close to the Science Park. Get in touch today to find out more.