Cambridge to get greener

Cambridge to get greener

Cambridge to get greener

The city of Cambridge has always tried to be as green and as sustainable as possible. From promoting bike routes to encouraging walking, the local council is always looking for ways to reduce the city’s carbon footprint.

One of the newest green schemes for Cambridge is The Greater Cambridge Greenways. A fantastic project to connect up the city’s green spaces and make it easier for walkers and cyclists to get around, the scheme has recently been given the go-ahead and is likely to get underway soon.


The Cambridge Greenways

As @5th_Studio describes, “The Greater Cambridge Partnership is looking to establish a high quality Greenway network of cycling routes from Local villages into Cambridge – the Greater Cambridge Greenways.”

It’s hoped that these greenways will make it easier for people to walk and cycle into Cambridge from outside the city centre.

 If it works, The Greater Cambridge Greenways could dramatically reduce the number of people driving into the city for work and leisure and make Cambridge a much greener place.



Eventually, the Greater Cambridge Greenways will be made up of 12 routes: Waterbeach, Horningsea, Swaffham, Bottisham, Fulbourn, Linton, Sawston, Mebourn, Haslingfield, Barton, Camberton, and St Ives.

However, initially the project will focus on three routes: St Ives, Comberton and Melbourn. The budget for these three initial greenways is £23million. This money will be spent on signposting the route, making it safe and ensuring the Greenway is suitable for pedestrians and cyclists of all abilities.

It’s possible that, if these initial 12 routes are successful, the scheme could be expanded to cover even more of Cambridge and the surrounding area.


Designing the routes 

The 12 routes for the Greater Cambridge Greenway were selected following public consultation and an assessment of public demand.

Many of these routes, particularly the roads from St Ives to the north of Cambridge, are already very popular with commuters and residents looking for somewhere pleasant to exercise.

It’s hoped that providing a safe, clearly marked route will increase the number of people cycling and walking to work even more.

According to the Cambridge Cycling Campaign, the better the provision for cycling in a given area is, the more likely people are to get on their bikes.

Creating these greenways could potentially slash the number of people commuting by car and help to make Cambridge, and its satellite villages, greener, healthier, and more sustainable.


Getting active in Cambridge

If you can’t wait for the completion of the Greenways to get out and get active, don’t worry, there are already some fantastic cycling and walking routes in and around the city.

You can hire bikes from a number of places in Cambridge if you want to explore on two wheels. Alternatively, simply strap on your walking boots and set off.

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