Fixed-term contract in Cambridge? Affordable accommodation

Fixed-term contract in Cambridge? Affordable accommodation

Fixed-term contract in Cambridge? Affordable accommodation

As well as its world-famous university, Cambridge is home to a large number of international corporations and innovative homegrown companies. As a result, the city attracts a lot of talented professionals from around the world.

Many of these professors, IT experts, consultants, researches, and academics are employed in the city on a short-term basis, with a lot of contracts lasting just four to six months.

This high number of fixed-term contracts means that every year, hundreds – and even thousands – of professionals require temporary accommodation in the city.

Checked-Inn is one of the best options for fixed-term living in Cambridge. Affordable, flexible, and comfortable, our properties can help you make the most of your time in the city.


Alternatives to Checked-Inn

While we know that our properties aren’t the only option for short-term accommodation in Cambridge, we’re confident they’re the best.

Most landlords won’t offer contracts of less than twelve months, this means that long-term rental is not an option for most students and professionals moving to the city.

Some people moving to Cambridge opt to stay in one of the city’s many hotels. However, although a six-month hotel stay may be comfortable, it’s often incredibly expensive.

Many hotels in the city charge well over £100 per night, and in a lot of cases, that cost doesn’t include any meals or extras.

As professionals living in a hotel won’t be able to cook for themselves, they’re likely to spend a lot of money on eating out during their stay in the city.

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Fixed-term contract with Checked-Inn

Checked-Inn offers a range of flexible contracts and short-term living solutions in Cambridge. Unlike long-term rentals, our contracts are available for short periods – like four and six months. This means you’ll only pay rent when you’re living in the property.

 And unlike hotels, our apartments come with kitchens and living areas. Having full facilities available allows students and professionals staying in Checked-Inn accommodation to cook for themselves and entertain at home. This can dramatically reduce monthly living expenses.



Cambridge is a fantastic place to live in. As @HomesProperty says, “Home to one of the world’s top universities, offering picture-postcard medieval colleges, dreamy views of King’s College Chapel and punting students on the River Cam, the city of Cambridge attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists a year.

If you’re only staying in Cambridge for a few months, you’ll want to make the most of your time in the city. Checked-Inn properties are centrally located, putting you within easy reach of sights, attractions, and amenities.

As many of our accommodation options are close to business centres, they’re also likely to be easily accessible to your new place of work.

Find out more, and explore the stylish and affordable properties we have to offer by getting in touch with a member of our team or taking a look around.